An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades


Simon Le Plastrier


Simon Le Plastrier

Architect Frank Gehry says that art starts on the inside. The visual representation we see in an exhibition is an envelope for what is going on within the artist. Swipers Gully Vineyard & Restaurant provides an ideal setting to appreciate both the inner and outer workings of the artists.

Art is closely linked with the Eltham region. As early as 1903 Walter Withers lived and taught in Eltham and, of course Montsalvat played an important role in the creative heritage of the district.

ELTHAM College has left its own legacy with many exceptional artists, architects and musicians graduating from the College - many on display in this exhibition.

The Masterworks exhibition, in our 40th year, celebrates the creative endeavour of the ELTHAM College community and is a credit to the organising committee.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Dr Michael Mark

Committee Artistic Adviser

Dr Michael Mark

Over twelve months ago this committee first met to discuss what the nature of Masterworks 2014 might be. Ultimately, the quality and breadth of creative practices engaged in by graduates of ELTHAM College made it clear we should focus solely on their work. Forty years is a milestone for any school, and the broad range of outcomes evidenced in this exhibit is a testament to the engaging and supportive environment fostered by the art department over the years.

Working with Simone Houlihan and a dedicated group of volunteers has produced a terrific show of emerging and established artists at this beloved school. Please enjoy the show!