An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades

Carla Milentis

Attended ELTHAM 1997 - 2011

Carla Milentis Portrait

"Don't worry, it's fine!" is a series of explorations that are an attempt at describing the often contradictive nature of the manifestation of our internal and external processes. These explorations focus on self-critical perceptual studies and manipulate visual language by converting metaphor into literal. The featured works are personal studies that attempt to describe the internal discomfort experienced when saying one thing and meaning another.

Carla is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture and Spacial Practice at The Victorian College of the Arts.

Untitled - Photolithographic print 750 x 600mm - Carla Milentis Artwork
56. Untitled - Photolithographic print 750 x 600mm $480