An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades

Dannika Horvat

Attended ELTHAM 2005 - 2010

Dannika Horvat Artwork

Dannika's path to filmmaking began in the Media Department of ELTHAM College, in which she found an outlet that encompassed her passion of photography, music, performance and storytelling. Dannika is currently in her final year of Film and Television at Swinburne University and through her studies she has found a place in the world of screenwriting. Her greatest influences include the work of directors Glendyn Ivin and Sophia Coppola, her friends, family and her hometown of Warrandyte. Dannika is drawn to telling stories that are uniquely Australian with a strong focus on women, youth and sexuality.

Her piece, 'Kick His Cap', is a music video, which explores the experience of heartbreak. With the combination of soothing aqua colours, slow pacing and soft melodic tones Dannika aims to let her audience feel adrift. The piece lends a sympathetic ear to its audience and reassures us that heartbreak is universal.

Kick His Cap - Film - Dannika Horvat Artwork
41. Kick His Cap - Film