Ella Carey

Attended ELTHAM 2002 - 2008

Ella Carey Portrait

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When Ella begins working on a concept or story, visuals generally come to her first. She will write one scene on its own in intense detail with no idea about where the story is going. She will slowly piece it together like a jigsaw until she has a narrative. Ella doesn't think it is because she works as a production designer part time; it is just the way she has always worked.

From a very young age Ella has been influenced and inspired by the UK film and television industry. It seems that a majority of pieces they produce and distribute are highly realistic, dramatic and gritty. They tend to be based on reality and really portray an almost documentary style piece that is plausible and moving. When performance and environment is believable, as an audience we can get lost in the story and forget that we are watching a film. Influential directors for Ella include Andrea Arnolds, Darren Aronofsky, Gus Van Sant and Michel Gondry.

Ella really loves the technique of handheld camera work and is always interested in writing and visualizing Australian landscapes and stories, as well as creating a feeling of nostalgia in her filmmaking.

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