An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades

Eleanor Milentis

Attended ELTHAM 1995 - 2009

Eleanor Milentis Portrait

This installation work by Eleanor is the product of a haptic inquiry into the nature of materials and their relationships with each other and her body. The works that have emerged from her tactile approach allude to the processes of making and the formal and textual qualities of chosen materials, including stockings, plaster, foam, timber, hessian, straw and ready-made everyday objects. By selecting materials that appeal to Eleanor physically and emotionally, her interaction with them is natural. She focuses on letting the product be informed by materiality, allowing tactility to take precedence over psychology. She allows her sensitivity to guide the way her body interacts with materials: wrapping, hanging, stretching and pushing the soft materials around the hard materials and hard materials into the soft. Eleanor assumes the role of mediator between the competing textural stimuli: bringing the squishy, inviting foam into a dialogue with the resilient, cold plaster; allowing the mass of the plaster to reveal itself through the tension and lightness of the stockings. Ultimately her own body - both in its passive sensory capacity and active mechanical potential - is imbued and reflected in her work. In their final static forms, her work alludes to these temporal processes, and is therefore necessarily process-based.

Untitled - Plaster, straw, timber, foam, packing tape 860 x 860 x 800mm - Eleanor Milentis Artwork
60. Untitled - Plaster, straw, timber, foam, packing tape 860 x 860 x 800mm $5,000