An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades

Marlee Hamilton

Attended ELTHAM 2005 - 2010

Marlee Hamilton Portrait

Marlee is 21 and hasn't figured out her style just yet. It's something quirky but sophisticated, something earthy and natural and most of all, every piece she has ever made has represented her in one way or another. Maybe that's it there, she has no particular style other than representing herself. Marlee hasn't made any pieces recently as she has been focusing on her studies, but felt totally at home sitting on the floor gluing and cutting. Influence comes from the patterns and people around her. Life is inspiring.

Marlee is currently completing a Bachelor of Primary Teaching at RMIT.

Untitled - Cardboard and bamboo 1580 x 1030mm - Marlee Hamilton Artwork
28. Untitled - Cardboard and bamboo 1580 x 1030mm $800