An Exhibition of ELTHAM College Alumni Artists from the Past Four Decades

Sam Batty

Attended ELTHAM 2001 - 2006

Sam Batty Portrait

"No More Golden Parachutes" is a comical satire of the hysteria the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) brought about in 2008. The style is a clean, sharp, simple extension of animation style drawing, with its roots in early 2000s flash drawing.

Sam has been making animated cartoons since he was ten, starting with GIFs of stick figures killing each other. When he is not making cartoons he is Brixton Chuck, his equally offensive musical stage show counterpart. Sam has made films for cash and is currently working on two films, "Tonay Tonight" and "LORDZ3".

No More Golden Parachutes - Digital 2D Animation - Sam Batty Artwork
9. No More Golden Parachutes - Digital 2D Animation